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Industrial grade ceramic 3D printer - new product release!

Date : 2019-10-09         Source : www.fochif.com

Performance ceramics, also known as fine ceramics, differ from traditional daily-use ceramics, mainly zirconia, alumina, hydroxyapatite, etc., which are superior in performance and are used to produce high temperature resistant aerospace devices, automotive engine components, chemical reactors, Medical implants and high-end accessories, etc., due to the complex shape of these devices, it is difficult to use traditional methods, so it is an important development direction of 3D printing technology applications. The key to achieving high-performance ceramic 3D printing is the ceramic 3D printer and the matching ceramic-photosensitive resin paste. At present, only a few companies in France, Austria and other countries have better ceramic 3D printers and ceramic paste products. Among them, French products have the best performance, but they are expensive. The import price of ceramic 3D printers is 4 million per unit. Yuan Renminbi, the import price of ceramic slurry is 12,000 yuan per kilogram, and has become a monopoly product. After more than a year of hard work, Shanghai Fuqifan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed a high-performance ceramic 3D printer with complete independent intellectual property rights and supporting ceramic slurry, and printed qualified zirconia ceramic crowns and implants. Engine nozzles and impellers, a variety of joint implants and accessories, evaluated by authoritative users, performance has reached the level of French products, completely replace imported, is China's first industrial-grade high-performance ceramic 3D printer. At present, this kind of 3D printer has been mass-produced, and the price is much lower than that of imported products.

Address: Block D 116, 1648 Gumei Road, Xuhui District,Shanghai 200233,P.R.China
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