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3D printing goes into the life of the public, and you don’t want to see two identical people in the

Date : 2019-10-09         Source : www.fochif.com

In the past, if people saw two identical things, they would have thought of cloning this high-tech for the first time. However, there are other ways to make two identical things. This method is 3d printing technology. Whether it's clothes, teeth or capillaries, 3D printing can be printed. Is 3D printing technology available in many areas, such as the production of everyday items, the manufacture of parts, and even the printing of fossil replicas? Is it amazing?

Ordinary printers used in daily life can print computer-designed flat objects. The so-called 3D printer works in the same way as a normal printer, except that the printing materials are somewhat different. The printing materials of ordinary printers are ink and paper, and the 3D printer is equipped with metal. Different kinds of "printing materials" such as ceramics, plastics, sand, etc. are real raw materials. After the printer is connected with the computer, the "printing materials" can be layered by computer control, and finally the blueprint on the computer becomes Real. This printing technology is called 3D stereo printing technology.

3D printing technology is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. When traditional manufacturing wants to make a soup, it needs to cut a piece of raw material, and 3D printing can be done with digital model files and powdery adhesive materials. Producing a spoon by layer-by-layer generation is really quick and convenient.

Nowadays, the magical 3D printing technology has been widely used in the fields of architecture, industrial design, aerospace and so on, and even in the medical industry. It can be said that it has completely entered the life of our people and brought us unlimited Convenience.

Address: Block D 116, 1648 Gumei Road, Xuhui District,Shanghai 200233,P.R.China
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