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What can a 3D printer print?

Date : 2019-10-09         Source : www.fochif.com

3D printing technology has developed very well, what can 3D printers print? 3dlabstore takes you to know!

Objects printed by 3D printers not only have a beautiful three-dimensional appearance, but actually have more practical functions. The manufacturer can provide you with a 3D model template that can be used to print damaged parts of the object, such as screws, instead of ordering, and then wait for replacement.

With 3D printing technology and 3D printers, you can create designs or print almost any 3D model, as long as you have a 3D model template. Take the FELIX Pro 3 Touch 3D printer as an example to share several examples of 3D printing models that can be printed on this type of desktop 3D printer:

1. 3D printed acoustic guitar

Scott Summi created the world's first 3D printed acoustic guitar, which means that all of us can follow other practices to 3D print other guitar models. With 3D printing, the guitar can be made from 3D printed materials with metal sound hole covers and connectors. In addition to making musical instruments, avid guitarists can also make 3D reproductions of their favorite musicians or idol guitars.

2. Handmade camera lens

Camera lenses are complex, but with 3D printing, you can make your own shots and even discover some creative and unique effects.

The creator of this camera lens uses acrylic instead of glass and other tool parts on the lens to combine many small parts. Most importantly, the lens works very well! Take a look at these photos taken with a 3D print lens.

3. 3D figurines in children's drawings

Ever wanted to turn a picture of your child into "real"? From painting to sculpture, you can now use 3D printing, and your child's color drawing can be turned into art immediately.

The object is about 4 inches long and can be used to decorate your desk or home, or as a trophy for your child's artistic talent.

4. 3D printed medical model

With 3D printing, doctors will have cheaper alternatives to understand human anatomy and be able to practice familiar surgery without using real humans.

Since the 3D printing of these medical models is so accurate, the surgeon can also rehearse the surgery on such a 3D model before the real patient is slashed.

5. Hanging lights

Janne Kyttanen created this striking piece of art in a variety of sizes. Use it as part of a decorative light, table or ceiling fixture.

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